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Online Shopping Propensity by State

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I came across this interesting infographic dispensed by eBay based on their database analysis of people utilizing online shopping via eBay.  According to the Daily Post, these big data were gathered from 2013 to 2014, as represented in the infographic that depicts an interesting picture of the consumers’ different preferences for purchasing a variety of products online.

Mmmm…Oregon shoppers like to buy surveillance equipment?  Online consumers in  Delaware seemed quite into vacuum machines.  Pennsylvania shoppers buy more products in the gaming department.  Some cases made more sense as Texas shoppers buy more hunting goods and New Jersey shoppers squander on men’s cologne.  Take a look and see if your shopping habit on eBay maps onto their analysis.




MIT to Launch “Intro to Game Design” via EdTechX Open Courseware

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Picture Credit:

Picture Credit:

By way of introducing an exciting opportunity for practitioners and other educational stakeholders to understand and learn more about game design, below is an excerpt of the description of the free-to-all open course, Introduction to Game Design.

“A practical introduction to game design and game design concepts, emphasizing the basic tools of game design: paper and digital prototyping, design iteration, and user testing.”

This course is part of the EdTechX series from the MIT Education Arcade. If you are interested in exploring other educational technology courses, please click here to see more details.  By the way, I had personally taken a series of serious game design courses at Michigan State University where I learned to work with a group of talented game artists and researchers to build board game prototypes, playtesting, and improve game play mechanics through iterative design.  That said, I am sure to be enrolling in this course, set to begin on October 22nd, to further cement my knowledge in educational game design.

Launching “2014 Japan Study Abroad Program Media Hub”

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Welcome banner made by staff and children at Asakumi Kindergarten in Matsue Japan

Welcome banner made by staff and children at Asakumi Kindergarten in Matsue Japan

It never does harm to maintain more than one blogs at one time if you want to base off the different blogs of a variety of nature and to serve varying functions.  In my case, I recently started a separate WordPress site as a repository for my wonderful study abroad experience back in May in Matsue Japan.

That said, having two blogs now actually aids publicity for both of my sites.  I proudly bring to you the 2014 Michigan State University College of Education 2014 Japan Study Abroad Media Hub where you can find documentations of our memorable stay in western mainland Japan in the form of photograph and video-embedded blog entries.

Screenshot of the media hub

Screenshot of the media hub

During our stay in Matsue, we were closely followed by local TV news station crew and as a result our visit appeared multiple times on newspapers and evening TV news broadcasts.  Worry not, the TV news reports were captioned in English so you will have no problem understanding them.  Talk about being a star for a day or two!  For more information related to our 2015 study abroad program, stayed tuned ~

What’s Your Excuse When You Lose in Gaming?

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A Japan-based website recently did a poll on players’ most frequently used excuses when players lose in gaming matches, especially in fighting games.  Do you humbly admit your defeat?  Or do you look for things to blame?  The worst is for you to end the friendship over a gaming match.  Please check out the top 10 excuses gamers use below and maybe you are using an excuse so unique and not even listed here.

10.  I just had a hand cramp!


9.  This game pad is a little bit slippery


8.  It must be my old time hand injury


7.  It must be the newly updated patch

Winner:  Really?  But I have never received any update on the game.

Loser:  Oh.  Then it must be because I’ve had an updated.  No wonder it plays different.


6.  I haven’t played this game for a long long time


5.  Your display/TV is experiencing lags


4.  If only I was using my usual equipment


3.  I wish I had chosen a character I’m a lot more familiar with


2.  It’s all because my Internet suffered some lapses


1.  Something doesn’t feel right with my game pad.  It must be low on battery.

Have you used any or multiple of the above excuses?  Remember, gaming is all about relaxing and taking it easy.  Try to be nice, courteous, and fair to other fellow online gamers, alright?

And the Survey on Recreational Gaming Says……

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The home gaming console market underwent a sizable jolt late last year as Sony and Microsoft both released their next generation console.   And with the increasing popularity of cell phone gaming apps, it is only safe to assume that gaming has become more and more a component of people’s recreational life.   According to a recent survey administered by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), about 59 % of Americans play digital games on computers, gaming consoles and smart phones in 2013.

ESA surveyed over 2,200 families and looked at their gaming activities and found over 51% of these families have more than one gaming devices at home.  Considering that cell phones are nearly ubiquitous in all families, the 51% finding suggests a more than moderate penetration rate in that over half of these families may simultaneously own a gaming console or a hand-held gaming device.   The moderate penetration rate of gaming devices at home implicates the possibility of bridging home gaming practices with potential school practices of digital game-based learning instruction in the classroom.  An ideal scenario is when a teacher utilized DGBL in the classroom and actively attempts to connect school learning with home learning through digital games.  Back to the survey, as for the devices with which families use for gaming, 60% indicated playing games on computers, 53% using smart phones, and 41% were using hand-helds or other wireless devices.  Compare this year’s number with last year’s, there is a 37% increase for gaming on hand-helds and 22% for smart phones.   The average age of gamers is 31 years old with a relatively even gender distribution with male at 52% and female at 48%.  36% of females started to play digital games after the age of 18.  And the findings also showed that adults in this survey have 16 years of gaming experience and play an average amount of 14 game titles on a yearly basis.   14 game titles are quite a lot of games to be played in a year.  Given the alleged short attention span of modern day people, I wonder how many of these 14 titles they actually played to the finish line.  As a Chinese adage goes, “You have to finish once you put a start to things”.   I myself play about 5 to 7 titles per year and once I start playing, I have the tendency to strive to finish.

Good news! I am Japan-bound ~

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As the days wind down toward the end of semester, I am glad to have found that I will serve as a program assistant in a Japan Study Abroad Program in early May.  I had personally made three trips to Japan before, two of them being for sightseeing and one myself being a study abroad participant.  For this imminent trip to Japan, this time I will assume a different role who is responsible for facilitating activities, organizing assignment materials,  ensuring safety, and serving as a Japanese translator when situations call for it.  What is exciting is that I during the trip will have the chance to directly observe classroom instruction in different levels of Japanese schools to obtain a sense of how education is being carried out.  This will allow program participants to see for themselves the comparison and contrast between the education system and learning dynamics in the eastern and the western context.

My pre-travel preparation includes the usual things in packing, locating useful resources for program participants, and cramming myself in language learning books to further boost my Japanese proficiency.  When I found out I will be part of the trip, my exultation was beyond words.   もう一度日本へ、おわらなき旅立ちに。

Time to Get Christmasy — Infographics Style

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The title of this entry practically gives everything away, and rightfully so in a season of giving.  During the Christmas holiday season, who doesn’t enjoy a little dose of information presented in colorful inforgraphics?  And the themes are fitting, in order of presentation, Santa facts, 50 years 50 toys, and  10 Christmas American traditions.  Enjoy your time with yourself, with your family, and with the festive air, ambiance, and music surrounding the whole wide world.

~~ I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year 2014 ~~




Just a little inconspicuous FYI, my website just hit 5,000 views and I am quite exulted  ^__^ b


Game-Based Learning Blogs can Help with that ~

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Nice coming across an image that shows the 10 best colleges for game-based learning through Google image and I just have to share it ~

Go Green Go White!  Go Spartans ~!!

As I work toward a more concrete form of my dissertation proposal, I came to realized that the push for integrating digital media and games in both formal and informal settings is gaining by the day.  The more I search on the web, the more resources popped up and the more I am growing confident that my choice to pursue research and a career in digital game-based learning (DGBL) is a wise one.

Below is a link I recently came across about 20 best blogs on game-based learning and it struck me that the entry had been created on the web for almost over a year.   I am thrilled to see game-based learning gain momentum and I encouragingly quote, “Because the push toward incorporating these resources still exists in a comparatively inchoate state, anyone curious about how they apply to educational settings should keep up with the latest movements and technologies currently shaping the movement’s future. Blogs can help with that.”

In the meantime, please read some if not all of the game-based learning blogs and more importantly enjoy playing and learning with games ^__^

The 20 Best Blogs about Game-Based Learning


Small Games with Big Wisdom — Life Lessons Learned from Game Play

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Do you think that playing games will only make one lose ambition?  Not really.  Quite the opposite, game players play games and can also glean from game play a few life lessons.

Below we’ll look at a few classic games, which I believe almost everyone had the chance to play at some point in their life, and show you how these games reflect certain life lessons from the angle of game worlds.

Tetris :  The mistakes we made will accumulate, the successes we obtained will vaporize!

tetris_wallpaper_by_retrophil-d2xmlwi (1)

Super Mario:  Success does not lie in how high you can jump, but how far you can run.


Contra:  What impedes your way forward usually is not the enemies in front of you, but the guns lying in ambush behind you.


Battle Tanks:  Don’t just think about shooting them up (seeking instant gratifications), guard your own “bird” (do secure foundation)!


Hard Lines:  What defeats you is not the sugar-coated cannon ball, but the prolonged body of yours.  You yourself are your worst enemy.


Raiden:  Others always think you are shooting enemy aircraft, but actually you are dodging bullets.


Angry Bird:  When you fail, there are always a few pigs giggling cunningly.



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Picture Credit: Peter Gowland

Picture Credit: Peter Gowland

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