About Me 吳旻倫


My name is Min Lun Wu (Alan) and I am from Taiwan.  I am currently a PhD candidate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at Michigan State University.  I hold a B.A. in British and American Literature and completed my master program in TESOL in Taiwan. 

My research interests are digital game-based learning (DGBL), digital game design, computational thinking, second language learning through extensive reading or MMORPGs, self-directed online learning, and helping pre-service teachers develop technology pedagogical content knowledge and skills for their future teaching.  I was also involved in the Science and Art of Game Design research project where me and like-minded colleagues investigated the effects of using serious games and game design to facilitate student learning in the areas of STEM.

In this website you’ll get to see a snapshot of what I have been doing for research and what I generally care about (via my tabloid-looking blog entires).  

Click on the title of any blog entry to enjoy my babble and feel free to drop me a line if anything in my website intrigues you.  Thank you for browsing and have a great many days!


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