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And the Survey on Recreational Gaming Says……

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The home gaming console market underwent a sizable jolt late last year as Sony and Microsoft both released their next generation console.   And with the increasing popularity of cell phone gaming apps, it is only safe to assume that gaming has become more and more a component of people’s recreational life.   According to a recent survey administered by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), about 59 % of Americans play digital games on computers, gaming consoles and smart phones in 2013.

ESA surveyed over 2,200 families and looked at their gaming activities and found over 51% of these families have more than one gaming devices at home.  Considering that cell phones are nearly ubiquitous in all families, the 51% finding suggests a more than moderate penetration rate in that over half of these families may simultaneously own a gaming console or a hand-held gaming device.   The moderate penetration rate of gaming devices at home implicates the possibility of bridging home gaming practices with potential school practices of digital game-based learning instruction in the classroom.  An ideal scenario is when a teacher utilized DGBL in the classroom and actively attempts to connect school learning with home learning through digital games.  Back to the survey, as for the devices with which families use for gaming, 60% indicated playing games on computers, 53% using smart phones, and 41% were using hand-helds or other wireless devices.  Compare this year’s number with last year’s, there is a 37% increase for gaming on hand-helds and 22% for smart phones.   The average age of gamers is 31 years old with a relatively even gender distribution with male at 52% and female at 48%.  36% of females started to play digital games after the age of 18.  And the findings also showed that adults in this survey have 16 years of gaming experience and play an average amount of 14 game titles on a yearly basis.   14 game titles are quite a lot of games to be played in a year.  Given the alleged short attention span of modern day people, I wonder how many of these 14 titles they actually played to the finish line.  As a Chinese adage goes, “You have to finish once you put a start to things”.   I myself play about 5 to 7 titles per year and once I start playing, I have the tendency to strive to finish.

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