Good news! I am Japan-bound ~

In Not so random posts on April 28, 2014 at 1:26 PM


As the days wind down toward the end of semester, I am glad to have found that I will serve as a program assistant in a Japan Study Abroad Program in early May.  I had personally made three trips to Japan before, two of them being for sightseeing and one myself being a study abroad participant.  For this imminent trip to Japan, this time I will assume a different role who is responsible for facilitating activities, organizing assignment materials,  ensuring safety, and serving as a Japanese translator when situations call for it.  What is exciting is that I during the trip will have the chance to directly observe classroom instruction in different levels of Japanese schools to obtain a sense of how education is being carried out.  This will allow program participants to see for themselves the comparison and contrast between the education system and learning dynamics in the eastern and the western context.

My pre-travel preparation includes the usual things in packing, locating useful resources for program participants, and cramming myself in language learning books to further boost my Japanese proficiency.  When I found out I will be part of the trip, my exultation was beyond words.   もう一度日本へ、おわらなき旅立ちに。


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