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Games + Moms = Gamer Moms

In Becoming ruminative in education on September 26, 2013 at 10:46 PM
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A recent ESA (Entertainment Software Association) research report shows an acute increment of otaku gamer moms.  A stats company NPD surveyed 2,500 moms with children under the age of 18.  Here are a few pointers based on what they found:

*  75% of the survey respondents reported playing games at least one time per week.

*  38% of the moms surveyed said that they play games everyday.

*  The type of games that appealed to gamer moms are mobile phone casual games because they are easy to download and only involves simple play mechanics.

*  65% of gamer moms are advocates of mobile phone games.

ESA representative Michael D. Gallagher claimed that playing games can alleviate moms from pressure dealing with chores in their daily life, help strengthen family bonding, communicate naturally and easily with children, and establish mutual trust.  And the stats backed up his claim.

*  30% of gamer moms reported playing games being a common interest between them and their children, making games a great conversation starter.

*  56% of gamer moms said that playing games with the whole family is the ideal activity for entertainment.

*  32% of gamer moms acknowledged that playing games can promote children’s brain function and cognitive abilities.

In addition to establishing affinity with children, a good proportion of gamer moms deemed “collaborative gaming” an effective way to monitor children’s game play.  That is, collaborative game play can prevent children from coming into contact with inappropriate game contents while avoiding misunderstandings.  To parents who try to track children’s web-browsing history or chat messages, instead of prohibiting children from things including game play, why not occasionally learn to play along with them?

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