Finally It’s Here!! Guide to Gaming in the Classroom Infographic

In Becoming ruminative in education on June 26, 2013 at 3:49 PM

Similar to the introduction of social media, mobile devices, interactive polls, and wikis to education, educational gaming is trying to open yet another door for technologies to be repurposed for advancing teaching and learning.  In my short 3 year study of game-based learning and serious game design, I think I have witnessed a steady increase of interest among educators and researchers when I stood at the podium and presented about game-based learning.  This observation is anecdotal at best but quite encouraging for me since I am so glad to be in nowadays, a sea of possibilities when it comes to the use of digital games for education.

Gaming conferences such as Meaningful Play, Games Learning and Society, Game Developer’s Conference and Games for Change Festival and many others have paved way for different stakeholders in the industry, research institutes, and educational institutes to show how they can impact the world of games within the realm of business, politics, and education.  Resources are now plentiful, and now is the time for each and everyone of you to build foundation in understanding game-based learning.

Ready to get educated on game-based learning?  Below is a infographic by that illuminates to educators some basic understandings as to why you should consider using games in the classroom.


Image Source:  A Must-have Guide to Gaming in the Classroom from EdTechReview


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