Game-Based Learning Blogs can Help with that ~

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Nice coming across an image that shows the 10 best colleges for game-based learning through Google image and I just have to share it ~

Go Green Go White!  Go Spartans ~!!

As I work toward a more concrete form of my dissertation proposal, I came to realized that the push for integrating digital media and games in both formal and informal settings is gaining by the day.  The more I search on the web, the more resources popped up and the more I am growing confident that my choice to pursue research and a career in digital game-based learning (DGBL) is a wise one.

Below is a link I recently came across about 20 best blogs on game-based learning and it struck me that the entry had been created on the web for almost over a year.   I am thrilled to see game-based learning gain momentum and I encouragingly quote, “Because the push toward incorporating these resources still exists in a comparatively inchoate state, anyone curious about how they apply to educational settings should keep up with the latest movements and technologies currently shaping the movement’s future. Blogs can help with that.”

In the meantime, please read some if not all of the game-based learning blogs and more importantly enjoy playing and learning with games ^__^

The 20 Best Blogs about Game-Based Learning



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