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Small Games with Big Wisdom — Life Lessons Learned from Game Play

In Not so random posts on May 31, 2013 at 11:24 AM

Do you think that playing games will only make one lose ambition?  Not really.  Quite the opposite, game players play games and can also glean from game play a few life lessons.

Below we’ll look at a few classic games, which I believe almost everyone had the chance to play at some point in their life, and show you how these games reflect certain life lessons from the angle of game worlds.

Tetris :  The mistakes we made will accumulate, the successes we obtained will vaporize!

tetris_wallpaper_by_retrophil-d2xmlwi (1)

Super Mario:  Success does not lie in how high you can jump, but how far you can run.


Contra:  What impedes your way forward usually is not the enemies in front of you, but the guns lying in ambush behind you.


Battle Tanks:  Don’t just think about shooting them up (seeking instant gratifications), guard your own “bird” (do secure foundation)!


Hard Lines:  What defeats you is not the sugar-coated cannon ball, but the prolonged body of yours.  You yourself are your worst enemy.


Raiden:  Others always think you are shooting enemy aircraft, but actually you are dodging bullets.


Angry Bird:  When you fail, there are always a few pigs giggling cunningly.


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