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In Not so random posts on January 24, 2013 at 9:17 AM

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While reading the hard copy Wired magazine, I stumbled upon this blog site “Life after disc” on and rushed to my laptop to check it out.    In brief, “life after disc” is a series exploring new development in digital gaming platforms, from app stores to browsers to downloadable console games.  The title of the series resonated in me since I grew up in an age where games were played in even earlier days, the form of cartridges, and then discs and discs only.  And then which is now, games were played on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers and the game itself has not a concrete form, and is a lot cheaper.   Lowered hurdle for gaming means more people get to play games, especially casual games which cost just 99 cents and are interesting enough to kill your time.  Please check out the below link for the blog site:

Life after disc on

But I wonder what have digital games become in this torrent of Indie game movement and mobile gaming?  Are casual games on mobile devices really what I would think as fully-fledged games?  Or are they just mini-games and game-wanna-bes?  As a long time gamer and now not so much a gamer since I don’t spend as much time gaming, I tend to resist the notion that mobile games are truly games in the full sense because most mobile games lack a grand narrative arc.  Mobile games are considered to be easy to play and addictive due to its simple play mechanic, hence the advantage and appeal to a wave of non-gamers and some gamers.  Anyhow I am old school when it comes to gaming and I guess I will keep on playing my old schooling style console games without bothering much about co-op modes in online play.  Solo play suffices for now.



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