Research Shows Prolonged Gaming Before Bed Time Not Good for Teenage Boys

In Not so random posts on October 21, 2012 at 10:30 AM

A recent study by the Sleep Laboratory at Flinders University (a public university in Adelaide, South Australia) finds that teenage boys who play video games for extended periods of time have trouble getting a good night’s sleep.  The study makes 17 participants play a “fast-paced, violent video game” for 50 – 150 minutes on two different nights in the Sleep Lab.  Participants were monitored for sleep and heart-rate readings, as well as subjective reports from the teenagers.  All data wereused to assess the effects of prolonged gaming on sleep quality and time.

The study found that there was a 27-minute loss in total sleep time after 150 minutes of gaming based on the polysomnography tests and a 39-minute delay in sleep onset according to the participants’ sleep diaries.  On the other hand, a hour-long play time doesn’t seem to severely hinder sleep time.

It appears a lot of gamers tend to play games right before sleep.   The findings of this study do not take me by surrise and it can sensitize parents to not let their teens play too much games before bed time.  Well, I sometimes play games before sleep but not on a regular basis because I am a shallow sleeper and would like to feel at peace going to bed.  Do you play games before going to bed?  And what does that do to you and your sleep?


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