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“Indie Game: The Movie” worldwide release date confirmed!!

In Not so random posts on May 28, 2012 at 1:06 AM

Please allow me to reintroduce an image that appeared in my earlier blog entries., the heart of serious game design, only this time  with the focus on the bottom circle, game design.

After a prolonged wait, this movie title finally released its premier date and gamers are thrilled! We already have on the market movies based on video games (Resident Evil, Hulk, Batman, Tomb Raider etc.) and games rendered from movies (Jurrasic Park, Harry Potter, Spiderman etc.).       Yet we’ve never had a movie title that is about how digital games are made.

Designing a video game is no instant magic (though games provide us with an array of instant gratification) and game design requires consistent team effort and collaboration and the iterative design process, playtesting, to its final production follows intricate procedures.  Having had some background in serious game design, the intricacies of game design is heartfelt therefore my anticipation for “Indie Game: The Movie” had been high ever since its inception. June 12th it is! The day to mark on my calendar. The day a worldwide audience will be bestowed a chance to get a glimpse of how digital games come to be. Wait and behold ~~!

For more info related to the imminent release, please read the following article from Engadget.

“Indie Game: The Movie” worldwide release date

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