Friends and Frenemies on Social Media

In Not so random posts on February 2, 2012 at 3:57 PM

If you happen to read my blog, I assume you are no stranger to social media. If you are no stranger no social media, I assume you know Facebook and what it generally entails. If you know what Facebook generally entails, you might have a clue on why we add and remove Facebook friends.

To befriend or to de-friend, that is the question. The following article reports research on this issue. The takeaway is “that real world interactions drive online friendships. Meanwhile, sales-oriented and depressing comments help drive friend removals. Facebook etiquette also plays a role, with updating too often, too little or having too many friends a consideration for some Facebook users.”

Do you agree or disagree with the above finding based on your Facebook experience? Find out more in the following link:

Friends & Frenemies: Why We Add and Remove Facebook Friends


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