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“Will the real digital natives please stand up……”

In Becoming ruminative in education on October 25, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Many of you might not be strangers to the term “digital native” or “digital immigrant”. These terms were popularized first about a decade ago by Prensky in his famous work regarding the rise of digital game-based learning and how technology and computer advancements have generated affordances and constraints for 21st Century learners and educators.

I have come across an informative article released by these days. This web piece by John K. Waters addresses what digital native means by today’s standard. If you wish to read this insightful piece, please refer to the following link:

In this article, John attempted to clarify what digital native entail. It’s not about the age since age-wise defined diigtal immigrants can be “native” and proficient in operating with digital devices. John also made the distinction between computer and digital literacy, adding that Prensky’s definition of tech fluency may have been too limited. Students nowadays also have a contextual learning style with which they can engage in learning at home on the Web instead of sitting pat in a traditional classroom setting. Enjoy reading the piece!

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