Games Hereafter…

In Not so random posts on July 26, 2011 at 5:24 AM

Revolution 10. Video Games Hereafter…  2010-2011

 With hardware advancements, game makers around the globe had no choice but to invest great length and greater resources in planning, designing, and producing a potential triple A game title. With such a trend, social networking games such as Farmville took opportunity to occuply gaming market. Social networking games had become an official game genre and will be on the rise hereon afterwards. Xbox 360 Kinect and PS Move joined Wii in the battle for kinetic game play. In the world’s greatest gaming event E3 2011 in California, focal points were on the greatly anticipated new consoles–Wii U and Play Station Vita.


Where will games take us to in the next 5 years? We don’t know…yet. When will we witness the next revolutionary turning point? Who will players be playing with and what kind of games will gamers play in another 10 years. Yet what I know for sure is that gamers will always be gamers and wait patiently to see the another page of history of gaming unveil. What will next generation gaming be like?






Tell me it ain’t so……^__^


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