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In Not so random posts on April 29, 2011 at 11:25 PM

End of the semester…3-4 more to go! My transition to the new program had been rather smooth and fulfilling. Forming guidance committee meeting has taken me a while and the time expended proved worthwhile. A few days ago I held the guidance committee meeting with four professors and it went well. I’m fortunate to have whole-hearted support from my advisor and the other members of the committee were open-minded and receptive to my research proposal. After the meeting, the fresh air in early spring smelt even fresher and invigorating. I’m glad I’ve met another little little benchmark in my pursuit of a doctoral degree.

Now I look forward to summer days where I get to spend quality time with family and do good research in my home country. I am a firm believer that when things go well, don’t get complacent, keep calm and humble, work hard and accordingly and things will go your way. A side note, hopefully in the coming dog days I will be in a good position to rekindle my love as a gamer and become again a gamer seeking love of gaming!

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