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How many of these have you laid your playful hands on?

In Not so random posts on March 30, 2011 at 9:05 PM

The iimportance of the controller for gamers go beyond words’ description. For video gamers, there is no game without a controller. From the first controller designed fro home console use, Magnavox Odyssey, the appearance, feel, and fucnationality of the nowadays controllers have changed dramatically to say the least. The question rises as to how have controllers evovled over the years. Below is a chart that displays the evolution of controllers from 1972 through 2010. There is a total of 82 controllers compartmented into 9 categories–control panels, gun controllers, instrumental controllers, simulator wands, number buttons, controlling pads, joysticks, etc. Looking across these controllders, I think I have used about 15 of them. How many of these controllers have you seen or used for your pleasure during game play?

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