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The Great Gamification Debate

In Becoming ruminative in education on January 13, 2011 at 11:10 AM

I’ve come upon an intriguing term “gamification” of late as I started delving into the field of serious game studies. While education as a realm is suitable for gamification or not is up in the air, the issue of gamification has stirred the pot and deserves more attention and clarification. One venue to gain such clarification would be a panel discussion featuring the prominent vanguards in serious game design and develpment. Below is the session description of a panel featuring speakers such as Jesse Schell (Schell Games)Ben Sawyer (Digitalmill)Jane McGonigal (Institute for the Future)Ian Bogost (The Georgia Institute of Technology), Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy) in the upcoming 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

“Only platform FanBoy wars have created a more passionate debate then the overall fracus between gamification’s current proponents and its detractors. Strong opinions exist on both sides of the pro/con debate that it seems suitable to have an actual honest debate over the merits, incarnations, and future of gamification. Featuring a who’s who of passionate GDC regulars and gamification developers who’ve deployed actual solutions into the field, this session will provide a unique debate format hosted by the Serious Games Summit advisory board and moderated by Noah Falstien of The Inspiracy. Assigning sides via a coin-toss to force each participant to prepare arguments for and against despite their own heartfelt positions The Great Gamification Debate will present all attendees with a deep critical analysis of the emergent space’s strengths and weaknesses. Both sides will compete to win the debate. Once the final opinion is fielded and a winner is declared each participant will be allowed a final closing moment to speak to whatever personal opinion they still hold but were unable to express in the heat of competition.”

As much as I wish to attend this huge event this March, the lofty registration fee could be inhibiting to frugal grad students like me. Keeping an eye on the recorded keynotes, if there will be any.

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