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LEGO “Wii”t up

In Not so random posts on October 14, 2010 at 3:36 PM

“Yeah why not?” is my reaction to any form of creativity or novel in the game world.  My existing gameplay experience told me, I’ve seen many kinds of merchadising campaigns that go along with commercial game releases. I am here talking about mostly Japan-based games because growing up in Taiwan kids were immersed in Japanese pop culture/comics and impacted deeply by them. Costume play, game premieres, people lining up for perennial best-selling games like Dragon Quest, Finnal Fantasy, Halo, etc., are all phenomena of interest to average and fanatic game fans.

With controllers, players have put their hands on a great deal of controllers designed to facilitate gameplay or enforce gameplay experience. Just try to recall the many controllers you’ve experienced using playing with NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Play Station, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, what did those controllers bring to the player in terms of control and sensations? Controllers have unique customizations in colors and sometimes a piece of tattoo (decal) applied to them. Rare do we see a complete makeover like the one I’m going to unveil. The Wii controller boasts synchronous movement and ergonomic design that proved to change how most players PLAY and FEEL about games. That being said, this new LEGO controller still has its distinct appeal because its unique design may attract not only kids visiting Toys R us but also nalstogic adults who were dragged by their kids to the toy store. Furhtermore, the birth of this  new controller also signifies a growing tie between corporates and game companies in their collective effort to combine the toy image with gameplay. The picture may suggest it looks like a LEGO building block but it actually does a whole lot more than your first impression tells you. Yes why not and sure enjoy!

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