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旅行的意義 The meaning of life on a trip

In Not so random posts on March 25, 2010 at 3:42 PM

What is the purpose of life? People in Taiwan use to say the meaning of life is to go on a trip. When one is bound up tight with all the nuances of life in the workplace or at school, one tends to forget the little things around him/her. In times like this, people opt to go on a trip to tentatively free up and look for new incentives for leading a life thereafter. For me, in March 2010, I felt like it was about time to go on a trip not just to loosen myself but also seek a renewed objective for the not-so-new new year.

I decided to go to Florida, where many things look distinctly different from those in the state with a thousand lakes. Weatherwise, in the sunshine state I was constantly exposed to a level of heat that I found cordial. Everywhere I looked, people were in shorts and T-shirt, unlike people bundled up up north. In general, I had the same dry air as in every part of the states but there was something different permeating in the atmosphere. It was the holiday atmosphere in Florida that I found to have made things a little bit more pleasantly enticing.

Apart from the usual thrills obtained from riding the overcrowded attractions in Disney World theme parks and Universal Studio, I found myself indulging in the sea breeze on a lazy Sunday afternoon at Clearwater Beach in Tampa. The fact that people were not allowed to play in the water prevented me from being molested by the intermittent noise produced by other tourists, like me. In essence, the beach people were happy frolicking and playing football and frisbee, and I was happy lying back on my recliner having some comtemplation over my goals for 2010.

It didn’t take me long though to come to senses. With schoolwork, I shall make progress with my guidance committee; write for publication; and team-work for conference proposals and presentations. With lifelong companionship, I am happy with who I am with over the past half a year. With her, classical music and a sense of happy ease reentered my life which translated into my cohort’s so-called “stability” evident in me for the first time since I started my doctoral program. I am contented and happy, to say the least.

The meaning of my Florida trip was to recharge, to revision, to conjure up the peace for meditation at the white-sand beach, and to put things in perspective. The meaning of life, as of in March 2010, is then crystal clear to me.

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