The only thing I do know

In Becoming ruminative in education on February 25, 2010 at 5:38 PM

I watched an interesting video named “The only thing I know” on youtube the other day the viewing experience made me ponder about the value/peril of video-game playing. It is a common sense that when one binge-doing something at the expense of other matters, the inbalance eventually leads to downfall. The video warns people on the over-indulgence of playing MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) and how this may sacrifice your time and investment on other potentially more important people or things in one’s life. Spending thousands of hours playing online games may get you to level 80 and you are stronger and you own ample currency in the virtual world. However, what lurks behind this virtual accomplishment may be that you are living in solitude, devoid of friendship in real life, suffering from eating or emotional disorder caused by the binge-playing of MMORPG.

My own history of  playing video game dates back to when I was 7 when SEGA and Nintendo took center stage. I got hooked to playing and followed suit with Super Nintendo and Playstation. In fact, I was a player for almost 20 years until I receded of late to occasional game playing on my PSP. Not that I don’t want to play, it’s just other obligations at the current stage of my life took over. Fortunately, I didn’t develop ill-devised routines or sickness that adversely affected mylife thus far with regard to game-playing. A word for the young and upcoming consumers and players of MMORPG, the only thing I do know is to do all things with a healthy dose of mixed balance. Allocating proper time investment doing a variety of things, and pay attention to your friends and family, also health is vital, not only to prolong your “HP” and “EXP”  as a game player but also as a good quality healthy human being in virtual reality and the real world.


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