For the much unlikely to happen…

In Not so random posts on February 11, 2010 at 6:09 PM

I didn’t know I would think about posting things about what goes on in my life, up until this point in my life. I guess that’s what starting a blog is all about, sharing bits and pieces of my life experiences with other WordPressers.

Early last week I got involved in a minor car accident. Talk about first time for everything. A car behind me couldn’t stop his car due to icy road condition and slid into my passenger-side rear bumper. A law school student was driving and he was extremely apologetic for causing the incident. It was his first tiime as well so he called his mom for help and called MSU police afterwards. Police came and made a report. Funny that the law school kid and the policeman happened to come from the same hometown and they started a conversation as nostalgic as it could have sound to me. Restaurants and bars at the corner of the road and the good food here and there. Old time is always the best time i guess. The policeman didn’t give the law school fellow a ticket and that was big relief for the kid. On my part I received a claim number that I can use, after a week, to report to my insurance company for repair. The incident drew the curtain down as the three of us shook hand (I felt weird doing so since there was no deal to be stricken) and drove off in light snow showers. I called my insurance agency and reported my claim to the best of my knowledge and wound up with another claim number to be given to a certified body shop. Good news I am under no fault and therefore will pay nothing for the whole repair. The imminent trouble for me was the thought of having no means of transportation when I send in my car for repair. But that remains to be seen…  

02.02.2010 lesson learned–Intermittent braking is way safer than one-time braking & keep a longer safety distance while driving on icy roads.

Here comes the much unlikely scenario. This morning while driving my significant other to school. On an unknown road on campus. I saw in my back mirror a black truck couldn’t stop right and was carreening. Within the split second I thought about changing lane but couldn’t coz there were cars occupying the other lane. Buuuuuuummmmp! Here we go again. Gee I would never have thought I can get my car damaged two times in a matter of ten days. The guy is a under and didn’t seem as apologetic. He wanted to make up a story that I can tell to my insurance company to cover the damage, this time, on the rear end on the driver side. (Weird feeling to see almost equal dents on both right and left side of my Mazda 5 rear end though). Plus the tailgate was dented. Making up a story seemed to be a hard sell both to the insurance company and the body shop. I let him go after getting his cel phone number and quickly regret and apprehension took me over. What if the insurance or the body shop doesn’t buy my story? After elongated comtemplation, I called my insurance and explained the situation. Another claim number granted and I took the two claims to a local body shop. The body shop guy, aged around mid fifties, was amicable and patient in explicating the drill. Good news that when I send in my car for repair, they will give me a car to drive for free. Later that noon I called the black truck guy and lectured him a bit on driving slowly. I myself learned a lesson as well.

Weird weird thing: The law school guy’s name is Brian and the black truck guy’s name is Ryan. My brother’s name is Bryant. I wonder what’s going on there with these names that resemble.

02.11.2010 lesson learned–So it’s not trunk door but “tailgate”. Boy I need to learn English not related to academics. Split-second decision-making is vital in critical circumstances and it may not be something we can rehearse but we can still give it a thought or two in case we get involved in such.

Keep tuned in for more news concerning my lovely Mazda 5…in the meantime…drive safe for sure!


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